How I met the founder of SOCIAL NETWORK?

Jim Haynes is known to be the founder of social network and everything has changed for me when i met him.

Kaynak: How I met the founder of SOCIAL NETWORK?


How I met the founder of SOCIAL NETWORK?

“People are most important in my life. Many travelers go to see things like the Tower of London, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and so on. I travel to see friends, even – or especially – those I’ve never met”

Jim Haynes

Hello Dear Legends,

I want to share a very magical transformation happening in my life.

Everything has started with a simple curiosity !

But now let’s go back to March 2016!

In March I had started to work on my LYL Modules. The first two modules were very eye-opening and motivated me a lot about my future dreams. I felt like I have entered a whole new world where everything is much more positive and full of hope ! (Thanks to Scott Dinsmore and LYL so much!)


… I began to work on Module 3! In Module 3, you are supposed to reconsider your network, maybe change it and create a new one. Also you should form a mastermind group. God! It was such a nightmare for me. Establish a new group with new people seemed nearly impossible to me since I am not good at asking for something from people. I have spent great time dealing with it. Unfortunately for nearly a month, I could not make any significant progress.


… I have seen a post about a film project on Facebook. And instead of skipping it I got curios and wanted to learn more about it. I have found more info on a crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.

It was about the FOUNDER of Social Network! I couldn’t believe this beautiful coincidence and I began to read and search the project carefully. It is an independent feature documentary about JIM HAYNES.

So here is what I’ve found about  JIM HAYNES?

Jim Haynes established the very first paperback bookshop in Britain; co-produced the 1962 Conference on the Novel and 1963 Drama Conference in Edinburgh – which inspired the current Edinburgh International Book Festival; co-founded the Traverse Theatre, was a catalyst for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, established the London Traverse Theatre Company, co-founded the newspaper I.T., the underground pop club U.F.O., and the London Arts Lab. He taught Media Studies and Sexual Politics at the University of Paris VIII for three decades, co-founded the sexual freedom newspaper Suck, and directed the Wet Dream Film Festival in Amsterdam. In his Paris atelier, he created a salon tradition with open dinners every Sunday evening for some 38 years and over 150,000 guests to date – and counting…

150,000 GUESTS! He is one of the people who has the largest network in the world! Over the years, a lot of people has met with each other, fell in love, married and got children in his Sunday dinners. And also for this film project the whole of the creative crew has met in Jim’s dinner party.

I loved the project so much and contact with the director via Indiegogo (this is a very bold step for me by the way!). We talked about the film and ourselves on Skype. And at the end of the  conversation she has accepted my contribution as a co-producer to the project!!!

So in less than a week i found myself in a highly creative, deeply passionate independent film-makers mastermind group. And now, I have a job as a co-producer (my desire is to become a producer) Just knowing Jim (Cause i haven’t met him yet) made a magical transformation in my life. I clearly understood the importance of being in the right environment with the people you choose wisely (as Scott told in his TED speech)

As I searched his life and read his statements, I fall in love with his philosophy and admire the way he lives his life to the fullest! He says;

  • I love the randomness.
  • I believe in introducing people to people.
  • If I had my way, I would introduce everyone in the whole world to each other.
    People are most important in my life. Many travelers go to see things like the Tower of London, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and so on. I travel to see friends, even – or especially – those I’ve never met. (sooo sweet!)
  • At a recent dinner, a 6-year-old girl from Bosnia spent the entire evening glued to an 8-year-old boy from Estonia. Their parents were surprised, and pleased, by this immediate friendship.
  • I have long believed that it is unnecessary to understand others, individuals or nationalities; one must, at the very least, simply tolerate others. Tolerance can lead to respect and, finally, to love.
  • No one can ever really understand anyone else, but you can love them or at least accept them.
  • Like Tom Paine, I am a world citizen. All human history is mine. My roots cover the earth.
  • I believe we should know each other. After all, our lives are all connected

“This philosophy we should spread!” thought the director and producer. That’s why they wanted to start to project immediately. The Director, Ece Ger, says;

        In today’s world, as a filmmaker, I feel I have the responsibility to show hope instead of violence. As violence is everywhere, hope is getting less and less visible. Therefore, I dream of working towards building hope in people’s hearts as an alternative way of  fighting against war and violence. Jim devoted his whole life to seizing the needs of society and satisfying them through his innovative enterprises and work. Why not doing the same.


I believe this philosophy really touches the lives of people like mine. His positivity is contagious. It is REALLY very nice to meet jim ! :)) Cause Meeting Jim is Meeting People.

Now I can move on to Module 4!!!